How to fix frizzy barbie hair.

How to fix frizzy barbie hair. Someday I will be glad I pinned this.

Seriously?! Where was this when I was little!! How To Fix Frizzy Doll Hair - Perfect for Ponies!works for Barbie hair too

Hair Care for your American Girl Doll. How to straighten, downy dunk and wash your dolls hair. For when they need refreshing before I hand them down to my little girl someday.

I feel for this chick...this would be my hair if it weren't for hair products like Chi and Str8! Sorry they didn't exist back then chica!

Restoring your American Girl's doll! Just use a blow dryer on medium heat and a little oil on the ends for the frizzies! :-)

how to fix pony and other doll hair

This is an American Girl Just Like You. She arrived with frizzy hair and a scrape on her nose. To see her visit to the doll spa, follow the link. If a little mommy is at home missing her doll, she will receive Facebook status updates like this one.

Instructions on how to fix frizzy tangled doll hair! Need these for my girls our generation dolls.

I had little girls and I was once a little girl....wonderfully familiar

Cathy Quick Curl doll

Wish I knew this when my girls were little. :)

Barbies hair is tameable. Mix a little fabric softener with some water and comb it through the hair. It's like magic. show you how to help that dry/frizzy doll hair in one easy step!

How to Repair an American Girl Doll

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is "how can I tame the frizzies in my doll's hair?" A pretty common technique is to give your doll a "Downy Dunk" - where you wash your dolls' hair, then soak it for an extended time in Downy fabric soft...

i got Caroline Abbot for Christmas. I love her! Great quality.. but her hair is a little hard to take care of. i use a spray bottle, and a new toothbrush about once a week and brush her curls to make any frizzies go away. I recommend this doll for older children, ~Jen but only because of the hair. otherwise, it's a great doll!

Bad Hair Day? Doll Hair Hacks | Apartment Therapy

Toni Perm always turned my baby fine hair frizzy rather than curly, but my mom persisted.

Dolls arrive home from the store with beautifully set and styled hair, but over time the hair styles become disheveled and often the hair becomes frizzy. Because doll hair isn't natural, removing the frizz takes a little bit of work. Styling dolls' hair, whether they're Barbies or American Girls, is a painstaking task that requires a lot of...