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  • Brwyn Griffin

    A European Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) flying back to its hive carrying pollen in a pollen basket.

  • Lynn Reeser

    Report: Common GMO Tobacco Virus Potentially Linked to Bee Deaths. Virus jumps from tobacco, the most popular transgenic GMO plant, to animals. THANKS FOR ANOTHER ONE MONSANTO.

  • Lalie Rose

    Thou art the God of earth. / The skylark springs / Far up to catch thy glory on his wings; / And thou dost bless him first that highest soars. / The bee comes forth to see thee; and the flowers / Worship thee all day long, and through the skies / Follow thy journey with their earnest eyes. / River of life, thou pourest on the woods; / And on thy waves float forth the wakening buds... -- from "Light" by George MacDonald

  • Norwex

    Allergy Myth: Alternative holistic medications are equally as effective as prescribed medications. Reality: Alternative holistic medications, such as bee pollen or allergy “drops,” should never replace proven medical treatments for asthma and allergies. Bee pollen usually contains bee body parts, which may cause an allergic reaction. There is no evidence that shows using bee pollen has any benefit to the allergic patient.

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