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for storing misc. strings & ribbon

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Fabulous way to keep cushions on chairs without all those ugly strings from the ties hanging out or ripping off the cushion. Brilliant

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Why have regular floss bobbins when you can have elephant floss bobbins? Make your own animal floss holders to keep your cross stitch supplies organised

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embroidery floss on clothespins

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Use small mason jars for string and yarn to keep them rolled up. Just puncture a hole in the top and thread it through before securing the lid.


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Buttons + threads = cute fruit napkins <3 Perfect for dressing up a spring or summer party w/o spending a fortune!

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portuguese border stitch -- this would be gorgeous trim if done with a heavier metallic thread (gold or silver) on black velveteen ribbon

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Yarn or thread Organization - smart. AND very pretty!

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Picking up stitches BEFORE ripping back.

Apartment Therapyfrom Apartment Therapy

DIY Tangle-Free Headphones with Embroidery Floss

Diy Tangle

Tangle Ear

Cords Tangle



Didn T


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Yarn organization with a travel drink cup.

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Yumiko Higuchi...gorgeous!!!

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600 562

512 480

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Recycling Bottles. Great Idea ❥ 4U // hfoh my goodness what a genius way to store yarn

Delightfully Notedfrom Delightfully Noted

6 Crafty Ways to Organize Your Ribbon

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Delightfully Noted: 6 Crafty Ways to Organize Your Ribbon

Sewknits Blogspot

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Spools of thread tutorial

Cut Out + Keepfrom Cut Out + Keep

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Ribbon dispenser duh...