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  • MaryAnn Spencer

    water color style flower tattoo.

  • Lula

    A different style floral tattoo. "Watercolor" tattooing is really making its mark. Completely different from old school "coloring in the lines". Nice to see new techniques. Something for everybody!

  • Dallas Robles

    Obsessed with water color tattoos.

  • Sarah Moore

    Love that a tattoo artist can make it look like paint on skin!

  • Rhonda Durant

    watercolor flower tattoo.

  • Copper Siegel

    poppy tattoo inspiration

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Bryan Spencer- even though I'm not big on flower tattoos for myself, I like the style this is done in

watercolor tattoo | instead of on the back I'm thinking upper thigh or inner forearm :)

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...omg I love this. My grandma used to draw this lady all the time for me when I was little!♥

Watercolor tattoo - they tend to look like bruises to me but this one is nicely done

It is a compilation of pieces from the artist Conrad Roset. It was originally a watercolour so transferring it to tattoo form was quite hard. Tattoo artist Steli at Barry Louivaine’s House of Living Art in London.