I have been interested in tattoos for a while. The old school tattoo styles don’t really appeal to me, but the idea of the body as a canvas fascinates me. I’m loving this painterly tattoo by Peter.

Love the idea of a watercolor tattoo


Paint splatter tattoo I love the idea! Different design and maybe placement but I love water color tatts

New school flower tattoo

abstract flower tattoo i dunno what it is about this, but it's beautiful!, i like the random patches of color instead of having the whole thing filled in, and with thin delicate lines kind of framing the flower

thestarlighthotel:  Lady and gentle chaffinch | Sven at Scratcher’s Paradise Tattoo

Best Abstract watercolor Birds with hats crown tattoo design idea. See unique Abstract watercolor Birds with hats crown tattoo ideas for men and women.

dandy bread and candy: Squirrels

Interesting and creative arm tattoo depicting a phantasmagorical view in which there's a squirrel sitting in a nut, surrounded by plants and mushrooms.

Shoulder Tattoos for Women | Mix Shoulder Tattoos Designs Collection For Men Women : Fashion ...

Gene Coffey - Asian Pear Blossom Tattoo- love the use of negative space

Skipping Stones

Blue moon red mandala, totally random but I just like the moon, mandala and the intricacy of the line work in color.


15 tatuajes que delatan la pasión de los diseñadores

venn diagram color system couple tattoo matching cross wrist tattoos seeing stars anchors away peter pan and wendy puzzle pieces .

Left Sleeve Grey Ink Dotwork Tattoo

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tattoo animal tattoo pandas tattoo watercolor tattoos tattoo ...

Cay_Paige collected Panda watercolor tattoo on leg in Panda. And Panda watercolor tattoo on leg is the best Watercolor Tattoo for 177 people. Explore and find personalized tattoos about panda for girls.