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I'm reposting this because the creators took a picture from Downton Abbey and wrote stuff about Harry Potter.

HAPPY HOGWARTS BIRTHDAY! Fun wizard happy birthday fun fun fun. Magic flavored birthday cake, wizard wishes you will make, happy birthday dance with everyone two three four!

Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This version of Hogwarts is made of about 400,000 bricks and took 12 months to build. It is designed to be architecturally accurate and completely playable. It breaks into sections that pack into 35 large flat boxes or shelves.

Hogwarts: The Illustrated Map. I want this for that massive, beautiful library I will eventually have...

"Harry Potter's Bookshelf." by Jane McElvany Coonce. I love it--but Harry wouldn't have Hogwarts, A History. Hermione would. :)

Hogwarts from beginning to end. It may have changed a bit, but it's beautiful from beginning to end.

The Epic Setting: Hogwarts, in itself is a mystery. The characteristics of the school, such as its age and size contribute to the endless possibilities that could occur within. Hogwarts is full of secrets, mystery, and the unknown. Its definition as a epic setting fits for the adventures in the Harry Potter series.