Botanical Garden (Jardin Botanico) in Medellin, Colombia, by Plan B Arquitectos and JPRCR Arquitectos

The Construction of a Orchideorama should come up of the relation between architecture and the living organisms. It should not make any distinction between natural and artificial, on the contrary, it should accept them as a unity that allows architecture to be conceived as a material, spatial, environmental organization that is deeply related to the processes of life.

Train station Oriente, Lisbon, Portugal - Calatrava project


Architect Visit: Serpentine Pavillion by SANAA : Remodelista


{ Create shelter that also serves as a water collection system for brown water use. } WestendGate by Just Burgeff architekten + a3lab. #architecture #design #urbandesign #urbanplanning

Medellin, Colombia, Plan B Architects, Orquideorama, sustainable wood, responsibly managed forests, cellular architecture, botanical garden, Jardín Botánico de Medellí, Felipe Mesa, Alexander Bernal, Orquideorama2

Clavel Arquitectos

architecture is amazing


Vitra Fire Station / Zaha Hadid

Japanese simplicity and South American Architect Simón Vélez, made with chinese Bamboo in China

What Happens When You Let Top Architects Design Bus Stops

Pancho Arena by Tamás Dobrosi + Doparum Architects / Felcsút, Fő Street 169, 8086 Hungary

timber ceiling at National Assembly for Wales by Richard Rogers

Ring Celestial Bliss / J.J. Pan & Partners. Hsinchu City, Taiwan