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Tomb in Necropolis of Alexander Nevsky Lavra (Lazarevskoe Cemetery). Saint Petersburg, Russia,

Colonial tombstone of New England

Kitten found outside the priests' entrance who spent the next 15 years as 'Church Cat'.

Nala's Story. So sweet.

8-year-old Helen Keller (1880-1968) with Anne Sullivan (1866-1936) vacationing at Cape Cod in July 1888. Both Keller and Sullivan indicated later in their journals that “doll” was the first word Helen learned in sign language in March 1887. This photograph is believed to be the only known photo of Helen holding one of her dolls.

Mending fish net: photo by Linda Butler from Rural Japan

Because women who went before me fought for my right to do so. #whyivote



Cool Infographics - Blog - Death & Gravestone Symbolism

A floating sawmill in a Louisiana swamp. Photo by George François Mugnier, taken sometime between 1880 and 1920. Image courtesy of the Collections of the Louisiana State Museum.




Apartheid in South Africa.


Wash Day

Child Workers before labor laws

Don't mess with her

Queen Marie of Romania wearing her crown

Tucked into a wooden box in the Boston Athenaeum library is a curious book. The book has "a slightly bumpy texture, like soft sandpaper" and bears the title "Hic Liber Waltonis Cute Compactus Est." The book is the 1837 memoirs of a highwayman, bank robber, and "sneak thief" James Allen. The notorious highwayman once declared himself to be the "'master of his own skin." These would prove portentous words, for his memoirs of a lifetime of ill deeds are bound in his own skin.

Alan Turing, world's first computer scientist was arrested for violation of British homosexuality statutes in 1952 when he reported to the police of a homosexual affair to avoid blackmail. He was tried as a homosexual on 31 March 1952. Found guilty he was given the alternatives of prison or oestrogen injections for a year. He accepted the latter and returned to a wide range of academic pursuits.

Complete Civil War submarine unveiled for first time. 12 January 2012.

Even before blacks were officially recognized as federal soldiers, many slaves like Nick Biddle escaped and joined Union lines. In 1861, he wore a uniform, traveled with his employee’s company to Baltimore to help protect Washington, D.C., after the surrender of Fort Sumter. Once there, he was set upon by a pro-Confederate mob, attacked with slurs and a brick that hit him in the head so severely it exposed his skull. Some consider him the first man wounded in the Civil War.

Mary Tippe of the 114th Pennsylvania Infantry, also know as "French Mary", was a Vivandière in the US Civil War.