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  • Chloe Gates

    Josephine Wall Fantasy Art | Lilac Dreams - Josephine Wall Fantasy Art Wallpaper 16 -

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    Art, Josephine Wall oil painting, Well-known English painter Josephine Wall. Josephine Wall art works. English artist Josephine Wall has been passionate about art since she was four years old. Now a respected artist, Josephine paints with a lively imagination and romanticism that escort her audience into a world of magical dimension.

  • Georgia Bartlett

    Dream and Fantasy Painting | Josephine Wall Paintings, Art Print, Wallpapers, Art, Painting

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Dance of Dreams Swept along by the powerful and passionate mood of the music, the dancer’s head is filled with dreams which spill out onto her swirling gown. With each movement more memories and aspirations pour forth, Oh how she dreams of visiting far off places and meeting her ‘perfect’ companion one day. Like her dress, life is multi-layered and full of surprises..!! Josephine Wall

Crystal of Enchantment With her powerful crystal, the enchantress conjures spellbinding magic. Gramophone horns transform into morning glories pouring forth heavenly melodies and great ships sail from seashells to a land where fairies play. The whole world is radiant with magical light and all-encompassing love that flows from her powerful spirit.

  • Megan Stephenson

    i have the calendar with all the other paintings she did this one is also in it

  • Martha Brown

    I think she is just fabulous! She adds so many small details to her work that it seems you can always discover something new in it.

  • Andrea Hauth

    Exactly, I also love how symbolic, adventurous and poetic it is. Gives inspiration too.

  • Cara Ann

    Mindy Viera - look familiar?

  • Caitlin Johns

    I've done the puzzle version of this!

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Harp Angel Soaring across a star strewn sky the Angel leaves a wake of heavenly and enchanting music behind her. As she twists and turns high above the clouds the air wafts gently through the harp strings to make an ever changing haunting melody, more beautiful than any earthly performer. Josephine.

Zorya - a sister group of goddesses of the night or dawn (2 or 3)...

  • Laura Guirguis

    I just love this piece of work. I have two sisters and that was my first thought when I saw this for first time: me and my sister's.