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Light show during the flooding and tornados in Iowa April 14 (Or is this the first actual photo of alien visitation ;-) Twist on lightning.

STAGECOACH (1939) - Claire Trevor - John Wayne - Andy Devine - John Carradine - Thomas Mitchell - Louise Platt - George Bancroft - Tim Holt - Based on story by Ernest Haycox - Produced by Walter Wanger - Directed by John Ford - United Artists - Publicity Still.

7 Standard Filmmaking Shots Every Cinematographer Must Know: Medium Long Shot - JW

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Intelligent Cephalopods: Octopus, Squid and Cuttlefish

The biome is also has other numerous species like mollusks, examples include octopus and squid as well as many mammals including species of whales and dolphins.


“ The shooting star in a most rare form trails lightning creates no storm”

ur iWitness contributor in Orlando, Fla. took this picture of what she believes looks like fingers or a hand. It was formed by wave clouds in a stratus deck.

Photos: Faces in the Clouds

Clouds are fascinating. Look at the sky long enough and you can see all kinds of things from faces to shapes. We look at some unique and familiar things seen among the clouds and share what type of clouds formed them.

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“ Astonishing view: The reflection rainbow is one of the rarest and beautiful sights nature can produce, from the jetty at the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. By Phil.


New York, United States of America God amazing sunset. American Flag, Statue of Liberty. Thank you Jesus for this country keep us in you everlasting love and bless America today and always!

Church in Illinois

Church in Illinois