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If you're a knitter, pin this! I just used this method for a hat and it works! JL Yarnworks: Tutorial: Jogless Join

Seven different ways to join, connect, unite, and bond old yarn to new. My favorite: When joining a new yarn at the beginning of a row, tie the two tails of yarn together at the with a single 'knot' (a half-hitch) of the new yarn around the old yarn. When finished knitting, or when kitting far enough past that there is no more yarn slippage.


How to pick up dropped stitches in Knitting

How to pick up a dropped stitch - Easy & Quick Knitting Tutorial - Have you ever been joyfully knitting along, and your project seemed to be progressing just fine and Oh No…you see that you dropped a stitch a few rows back?! Not to worry! You don’t have to rip out all your rows back to that spot! I’ll show you how to use this nifty little trick to put that stitch right back where it belongs.

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Invisible join - I knew there had to be an easier way!.