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  • Kelsey Whitcomb

    Seven types of seaming for joining knit pieces

  • Carol G

    Seven Types Of Seaming; ribbing, garter, stockinette, back stitch, slip stitch (with crochet hook) vertical and horizontal @ Knit Simple magazine

  • Julie

    Nice visual tutorials for seaming knitting projects up when they're done.

  • Heather Senn Lewis

    VOGUE knitting seaming guide

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When adding a new color, never knot! Instead, join new yarns neatly and invisibly at the beginning of a row. Knots have a way of coming untied and working themselves to the front of your work when you least expect it. We recommend this method: Place the needle into the stitch, dropping the old yarn and picking up the new yarn, leaving a 4-inch tail to be woven in.

Embroidery. Possible "fix" for my knitting mistakes on that blanket.

Invisible seaming, this is going to be very useful when I finally finish the second half of my blanket.

Cozy colour, cool technique: Hem in the same step with your bind-off.

Invisible seam for bound off edges - i'm sure i've already pinned this, but it can't hurt to pin again

Thrumming - knit technique: the hearts would be cute in a scarf

Must try this - seaming is my least favourite bit. Anything that helps my finished work look less Frankensteiny is a must-try.

This is an almost invisible seaming technique. Looks easier than Kirchener seaming. I'm going to give it a try. Anonyknits: Seaming: Better Than You Remembered

Knitting Instructions-Finishing: Seams and Weaving Yarn Tails I'll need to remember this when I learn to knit more than scarves...

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