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"Took 5 tabs of acid (first time doing it ever) and my friend gave me a bunch of acrylic paint. Painted it with my fingers tripping out of my mind. Also I’m colorblind, and don’t work with abstract work at all (I only have ever done drawing). Thought this was pretty wacky." so cool!!

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Really want a drink right now, I just want to numb the pain and the pills aren't working, I ain't take anymore, I've had too many and it still hurts. I want that burning feeling from the alcohol that comes before everything starts to feel better

Wow!!! Amazing photo, so beautiful

Incense sticks in Hue-Vietnam; Photo by Bertrand Linet (beautiful collection) #incense sticks

Inspirational, for ongoing graphic designing...

'Chihully' Glass Art by Artist Dale Chihuly. This photograph was taken Melinda Applegate at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona. Melinda used Photoshop to enhance the photo. To learn more about the artist or see more photos by Melinda, visit the link below.