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    Shoes rack - made with cloth hangers and aluminum bar

    under bed storage

    If you buy in bulk save the containers great for organizing.

    Picture hanging.

    Upcycle old drawers into under-bed rolling storage! Great concept!

    You find them in lots of places ... don't toss them! Reuse those silica gel packets!

    reuse pill bottles

    I couldn't believe what they sent my daughter so I signed up and look! I would dfeinitely do this again, because I can't believe how easy it was to get so much stuff in the mail just by going to Lifescript. THey always ahve the best samples too

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    Clever Storage Ideas You Never Thought Of! Ideas and Tutorials!

    I CAN and NEED to do this! - IKEA upright bookshelves laid-down for storage under bed.

    Use wooden spice racks to make book storage in child's room

    Attached wire shelving to floor joists for out of the way storage.

    Creative Repurposed Storage Ideas!

    Back of Door Wrap Station Tutorial

    Homemade dishwasher detergent from 3 simple ingredients

    storage for ribbons - but do i really want to unwind all those spools?

    outdoor toy storage

    Pulley System Storage Rack For Garage ... For slot car table?

    Buy bathroom suction baskets and use in fridge! Why do I not think of these things!