Great idea for a road trip with a child! If you can't draw, use stickers.

Bubble Snakes

Bubble mix doesn't last long in the hands of a child... Create a bubble station. This is so smart!

Road Trip Ideas for Kids

Parenting done right!!! Fun times ahead!!!!!

Fabric memory game idea

25 ideas for summer play - bubble snakes, sidewalk checkers, sponge bombs and more! (Part of a regular play theme series - a new theme with lots of activities, books, etc. each month)

Travel activities for children that do not involve movies.

Birthday mornings should start with a bubble run. ((:

Make your own board games

Spider web game. Just use painter's tape to make the web and have the kids throw wads of paper at it to see if they can get it to stick. what a great rainy day activity in a cabin or lodge!

Road trip game for children

To keep the kids happy in the car, a mystery bag to be given to them about each hour. They get a map with each city marked, and they have to follow the route and ask for the bag when we get to that city. Bags are filled with snacks and small toys and games.

Grae and I love playing tic-tac-toe.  We play it down in the courtyard with sidewalk chalk, we play it at the beach in the sand, and we play it at restaurants with napkins and pens.  So why not play with LEGO too?! {this post contains affiliate links} Making this take along LEGO tic-tac-toe game could … … Continue reading →

Science experiments for toddlers!!

Snack Necklaces...would be super fun for a movie night, camping, play date activity, etc. @Christian Jessica Briggs

Silky Soft Play Dough - Made From Pinterest. Cary, this would work for the volcano experiment where you put the various layers of rocks down.

Here are 60 ideas for activities to do with natural materials at home, school or travel. #kids #parenting #ece #creativePlay

card games for kids

traveling with kids