soooooooooooooo cute!!! :)

baby duck... i can do this.

A baby kangaroo in pajamas….don't even act like your day didn't just get better

our baby

Oh my goodness! Love this

Baby Pandas Drinking Milk, ...

I can haz a duck in a cup?

Look at this baby sheep smiling.<3

baby elephant~


Little duck..

What? The duck?

And these baby geese leaving the nest for the first time.

baby animals <3



baby ducks :)


Oh, gosh... I guess we'll need the duckies too. Three Ducklings, by Sharon Montrose | 20x200

Reminds me of the geese in Aristocats! Amelia & Abigail...and "marinated" Uncle Waldo! Loved that movie... :D #funny #animals #geese