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Favorite Bbw

Favourite Scents

Absolute Favorite

Favorite Things

Works Limelight

Limelight Body

Bath Body Works

Bath & Body

Bbw Scent

Bath & Body Works Limelight Body Lotion...of course this is discontinued...Will always be my favorite scent!

Mine Halloween

Halloween Bath

Skull Halloween

Cute Skulls

Skulls Rock

Skulls Bows

Frosted Cupcake

Cupcake Pink

Car Notice

Halloween at Bath & Body Works

Works Mary

Works Emma

Bath Body Works

Bath Body Spa

Bath And Bodyworks Hand Sanitizer

Bath And Body Works Hand Sanitizer Collection

Works Jordan

Hands Sanitizer

Sanitizer Bottles

I Love Bath and Body Works

Candles Cillections

Candles Lanterns Maison

Wicked Candles

Candles Scents

Beach Scented Candles

Spring Bath

Spring Candles

Candles Bath And Body Works

Smelling Candles

New Tropical Spring Bath Body Works Candles

Pumpkin Yay

Hallowen Pumpkin

Pumpkin Carmel

Pumpkin Soaps

Cinnamon Pumpkin

Thought Pumpkin

Scents Pumpkin Spice

Sweet Cinnamon

Bath And Body Works Pumpkin

Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Soap

Lotion Dark

Kiss Lotion

Body Lotion

Lotion Full

Lotion Bath

Lotion Signature

Works Signature

Favorites Scents

Works Favorites

dark kiss from bath and body works

Fuzzzy Socks

Socks Ahhh

Socks Sox Stockings

Kid S Socks

Work Socks

Socks Warm

Slipper Socks


Infused Pink

Bath and Body Works socks

Works Twisted

Body Twisted

Time Twisted

Peppermint Candle

Peppermint Winter

Things Peppermint

Winter Candle

Christmas Candle

Christmas Smell

Twisted Peppermint Candle Bath and Body Works

Bell Yep

Le'Veon Bell

Stuffer Staple

Fans 10

Bell Fans

Beautiful Memories

Favorite Memories

Face Wash

80 S Stuff

Remember Bonne Belle Ten.O.Six? This was a really great product! It was cooling and had a nice scent.

It Is

Love It

3 I

Chang'E 3

Triple Blade

1 Razor

Super Max

Disposable Razors

Discontinued Favourites

Super Max Kwik Triple Blade Disposable Razors. These are GREAT razors...5 for $1. Now before purchasing these at "Dollar Tree" I would use 1 razor for each leg and toss. With Super Max Kwik 3, I only have to use one razor. Even after that it is still good to use over and over again! I am very pleased. No nicks either. Please try this you will love it!

Stuff Nostalgia

1980 S 1990 S Nostalgia

Childhoood Memories

Tinted Memories

Perfumes Oils

Likey Perfumes


Shop Fuzzy

Nice Smells

Body Shope Fuzzy Peach perfume - i think we all smelled of this in the 90s

Lisa Frank Stickers

Trapper Keeper

Spiral Notebooks

Wonderful Art

Art Country Companions

Morehead Surtidas

Posters Artwork

Artist Ruth

70S 80S

Critter Sitters! With your Trapper Keeper and Lisa Frank stickers, of course.

Register Fisher

Register Loved

Price Register

Register Kids

Register Totally

Remember Playing

Loved Playing

Remember This

Loved Pretending

Remember this?!

Dripping Oil

Lamp Growing

Raining Oil

Called Rain

Mineral Oil




Remember This

it's raining oil. never did figure out how these worked?

Vintage Easter Toys

Vintage Chick

Vintage Hard

Easter Vintage

Vintage Plastic

Vintage Christmas

80 S Easter

Easter Chick

Plastic Easter Eggs

Vintage hard plastic chick in egg. Makes a noise when opened!

Bell Lip

Le'Veon Bell

Lip Shades

90S Lipstick


Mocha Lipstick

Lipstick Colors

90S Bonnebell

90S Throwback

Bonnebell Flip Lipshades-- I think I had the chapstick one

Skating Parties

Rink Parties


Good Times

The Times

Happy Times

60 S


Memory Lane

roller skating rinks

Bear Slippers

Doll Slippers

Patch Slippers

Pink Slippers

Blonde Cabbage

Pink Cabbage

1984 Kids

Bear Pair

Late 80S

1984 Slippers

Tape Singles

Singles Albums

Cassette Wall

Cassette Tapes

Tape Casette


Childhood Called

Childhood Things

Childhood Loves

Cassette Singles!

Smelly Pencils

Push Pencils

Point Pencils

Fruit Smelling

Smelling Pencils

80S Fruit

The Fruit

Fruity Pencils

The Fruits

fruit smelling pencils

Revlon Moondrops

7 92

Discontinued Favourites




Lip Rouge



This is Revlon Moondrops Lipstick in (450) Amethyst Smoke (Walmart, $7.92)