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dumtweedledee: keaneoncomics: Playboy Bunny... (cosplay,hawkeye,black widow,agent coulson,ironman,cpt. america,hulk,thor,loki)

Captain America Shield Captain America Jewelry by TheOneUnique, $9.50 I want this so much !!!

Polyvorefrom Polyvore

thunder & mischief.

Best fem versions I've seen!!! I don't cosplay....but if I did....this would totally be it!!!

9GAGfrom 9GAG

Avengers in Anime...

Avengers costume upgrade - Genderbend.. Loki almost looks okay with this! Stark... well... I feel like he's checking himself out ...

9GAGfrom 9GAG

The Avengers x Pokemon

the Avengers Pokemon :3 so great Iron man has a metagross, Captain america has a Braviary, Hawk eye has a pidgeot, black widow has a vulpix, nick fury has a garchomp, the hulk has a reuniculous, Thor has a raichu, Agent Coulson has a victini, and loki has a gengar.

Avengers Dresses; mia-chan-p I am never gonna get tired of these. I wish I could have Loki's dress design

Adventure Time cosplay lumpy space princess adventure time cosplay lumpy space princess cosplay sakauracon

"You have heart" "I have been reliably informed I don't, actually" ((Cosplay crossovers are the best crossovers))

The Avengers ... Black Widow

Fem Thor and Loki cosplay- I love that they are covered up! I'd actually wear these! This would be fun to do!

I find it rather funny that a grown man recognizes Katniss from a young adult trilogy, and uses her as a reference for Hawkeye, a superhero from Stan Lee and Marvel.

This stunning Poison Ivy cosplay features Crystal Graziano at SDCC. The look is beautifully done with matching shoes and a long, green train that is just amazing. Photography by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography.

Science Bros - what they were doing during The Winter Soldier