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      Easy way to root Rosemary and Lavender (1) From: Fun Garden Z, please visit

    • Buchanan

      Propagating Rosemary: for those of us who want Rosemary "hedges"

    • Jessica Duff

      Top tips on how to grow rosemary from cuttings. #homesfornature

    • Sarah Schipp

      Did you know you can propagate rosemary? You can! Here's a step by step guide to increasing your rosemary plants!

    • Karen Ruble-Smith

      propogating rosemary

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    Day lily collage


    Stone path to pool - Designer Robin and Bill Weiss' Palm Beach vacation home, via Traditional Home.

    Attract butterflies with a mass of wildflowers "I feel our gardens are a success when they create a natural habitat that brings wildlife into that space," says Raymond. In sunny, open areas, purple Mexican salvia and yellow bulbine create a colorful habitat that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.

    Bright-pink bougainvillea is always good for adding bursts of color to a predominantly green garden. Teak benches, like those found in the gardens of Bali, add old-world tropical charm. Though native to the tropics, bougainvillea, passion flower and golden trumpet can be planted as annuals in temperate-zone gardens and will thrive with lots of sunshine.

    Is it really this easy? Boxwood, a dwarf spruce, and terra cotta prove that boring foundation plants placed in a great pot can transform a space.

    Classic terra-cotta containers planted with agapanthus, nicotiana, petunias, and other flowers in drifts of romantic color flank a path with stepping stones.

    Clematis, an adept climber, plays well with oriental lilies.

    Lovely landscaping surrounds this pool area. What a wonderful place to relax on a hot day! - Traditional Home ® / Photo: Matthew Benson

    Shack Mountain, Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Virginia. Fiske Kimball, 1937.

    Fabulous Confederate Star Jasmine

    Southern Living Ready to Impress Container Garden

    Plant a hardy Groundcover for steep banks or bare patches under trees where grass refuses to grow. These low growers creep along the ground quickly forming a dense mat that's resistant to weeds. For sunny areas, good choices are creeping phlox, goldmoss sedum, ice plant, plumbago, creeping juniper and lemon thyme. For shade- periwinkle, euonymus wintercreeper or English ivy. Find best groundcovers for your zone in our plant finder.

    Vines ~ Climbing plants allow you to take your garden to new heights when planted alongside a trellis, arbor, wall or fence. Most vines are perennials, coming back year after year to completely cover their supporting structure with blooms, fruit or leaves. Good choices are clematis bougainvillea, blackberry, gloriosa lily, honeysuckle, jasmine, mandevilla, trumpet vine and native wisteria. Find the best vines for your zone in our plant finder.

    Bulbs~One of the easiest plants to grow, bulbs provide plenty of show-stopping color year after year for very little effort. Best of all, bulbs self-propogate meaning they multiply and spread to quickly fill a small bed with blooms. Tulips and daffodils are the most widely known bulbs leading many people to associate bulbs with spring but many varieties of lillies, including canna, Asiatic and Oriental, bloom during the heat of summer. Find the best bulbs for your zone in our plant finder.

    Garden path

    Bank of Color ~ A pleasing combination of flowers and foliage creates a colorful bank for the lawn area and also stabilizes the soil.

    tropical landscape

    crinums, heliconias, gingers, correopsis border, roheo border

    The pavered walkway was installed first. The concrete border was added after. The borders are higher so you can add good soil to raise the bed for planting. In retrospect, I would have liked to raise the bed even higher.

    The white geranium is wonderful. The blue flowers are in fact lobelia and the white trailing flower is bacopa. All do fairly well in morning sun and shade in the afternoon.

    13 Plants That Give You Bang For Your Buck by Country Living.

    Adding walls and paths to your landscape transforms it into something truly special. Here's a collection of pro building tricks for easier, faster and better path and wall construction.