removing print off plastic containers to repurpose them.

How To Remove Grease from Kitchen Cabinets - via eHow.

How to remove permanent marker from everything.

Removing rust from metal using aluminum foil and water! It really works!

287245282457560692 1 Container with an airtight lid 4 sponges cut in half (from $1 store) 1 cup of your favorite fabric softener 2 cups water WHAT TO DO: Mix the water and fabric softener in plastic container. Add the cut sponges so they can soak in the mixture. When ready to use, squeeze the excess liquid from 1 sponge and place into the dryer with your wet clothes. Run the dryer cycle as normal. Once complete place the now dry sponge back into the container of liquid for use next time.

How-to Tunisan crochet! Looks like knitting but is actually a super easy crochet stitch

Transferring photos onto tiles with nail polish remover

How to bring leather shoes back to life and remove dryness and scratches. The perfect fix for winter weather on leather.

How to get wax out of old candles to reuse containers. I will be so glad I pinned this!!

Reconditioning & Re-Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware

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DIY DRYER SHEETS: 1 container with an airtight lid, 4 sponges cut in half, 1 cup of fabric softener, 2 cups of water. Mix the water & fabric softener in a plastic container. Add the cut sponges. To use, squeeze excess liquid from 1 sponge and place into the dryer with your wet clothes. Run dryer as normal. Once complete, place the now dry sponge back in the container for next time. Clothes smell good, are soft, and have no static just like the expensive non-reusable dryer sheets.

Well duh...pool noodles and a plastic storage container. So much cheaper than floating coolers!

Save money on invitations with your own writing: How to fake calligraphy.

To remove odors from glass jars and plastic food storage containers - fill jar/container with warm water, add about a teaspoon of dry mustard. Shake the jar/container for a minute and let it sit overnight. The next morning, dump the nasty yellow liquid and run the jar/container plus lid through the dishwasher.

Homemade makeup remover wipes. You can do this with baby wipes, also! So simple, and a money saver!

Forget to Use a Coaster So There is That Icky Water Ring? No Worries This Trick Will Fix It.

Use a new dryer sheet to clean your bathroom! Just add some water and it will clean up any hard water stains and remove soap scum!

plastic cereal dispenser for trash in car - love this idea

Cleaning tip: How to use vinegar and baking soda to remove hard water stains from your toilet bowl.