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WATERMELON JELLO SHOTS Oooooh, cute and fun! without the alcohol? Mini Watermelon Jello Shots on a Popsicle Stick - without the alcohol, of course!

J is for: Jello Shots {Watermelon Mint}

It's jello shot time again! Watermelon mint jello shot recipes complete with rind! - luuuve the idea of these!

All different kinds of jello

Watermelon Basil Martini jelly shots (Vodka or gin, watermelon agua fresca, fresh basil, rose water) This site has a gorgeous variety of fancy jelly shot recipes meant to be enjoyed like an after dinner desert drink

Peeps Jello Shots

Peeps Jello Shots (That's so Michelle...)

Peeps Jello Shots I knew I would find a use for that little bunny head mold.


Turning the traditional Bloody Mary on its ear by recreating the Bloody Mary drink as a Bloody Mary jello shot recipe.