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  • Lisa (mOMMYING oN tHE fLY)

    DIY scratch cards, neat idea for cards and kid activities!

  • Meagan Whitt

    Pop-up marketing idea. ArtMind: How to make a scratch off lottery ticket? People love scratch tickets!

  • Julie Hermanson

    DIY scratch off cards... good idea for greeting cards, party invites...

  • Kate Holzman

    DIY scratch off tickets with instructions - what a fun idea!

  • Lauren McKinney

    DIY scratch tickets - reward system? free homework pass, extra bathroom pass? would be cool to use somehow.

  • Misty Altizer

    diy scratch lottery tickets - Great idea for kids prizes

  • Audrey Estupinan
    • 3 years ago

    We tried this at our party. It was simple to make but it took awhile to keep the message from showing through. It also was a little tough to scratch off. I think I should have used the expensive (car model) paint instead of the cheap craft acrylic paint.

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How to make a scratch off card like a lottery ticket--This would be a very fun reward for good behavior!

DIY Scratch off card. This is the second method I've seen for this, though this one seems significantly easier. I'll have to give this one a shot first.

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DIY scratch-off cards. (2 parts acrylic paint to 1 part dish soap. Genius!) via The Dainty Squid

A little paint/soap mixture goes a long way - for 9 cards (3 scratch-offs each), I suggest 2 tsp. paint/1 tsp. soap.

DIY Scratch-Off Valentine Cards - This would be great for all kinds of ideas... Print design on card stock. Write in message; when dry, color "message" area completely with white crayon. Liberally paint over colored area with a 2 to 1 ratio of dish soap and acrylic paint (though thick & probably bumpy, this WILL dry perfectly smooth). Let dry completely (will take at least an hour).