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Badass Fixed Gear cruiser style!! I want to build one now!

si llueve, si te da pereza bajar los 5 pisos, si es de noche, si estas enfadad* con el mundo...

The best old and vintage bikes. Get inspired in an industrial style. Take a look and get inspired.#vintage See more excellent decor tips here:http:/...

To feel the way I did when I was eight! Biking with the wind on my face and in my hair!

Gold and white bike...OH ME OH MY!!!

Frances diffusible tourist by J.Muir from Santa Cruz, via Flickr

nauticalbarbie-xox: Tumblr on We Heart It - Hearted from: unknown-charade.t...

This is such an interesting design... makes you feel aerodynamic... Nice frame work!!!

Something like this would be a great way to store my bike.

"Domenica Sport Fixed Gear Bike": A gorgeous fixie. | Bertelli

revolvingroundabout: Artcrank: Interbike Screenprint by Nomo Design

Handlebars. That are actually a rack. But also handlebars. This is great design and my road bike would sorely benefit.