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Waterfall nails, from

fall manicure ideas - Dark Gray Fall Manicure

The Nailasaurus: Blue Waterfall Mani this is actually really simple. You can take an old blush brush or an old eye shadow brush (which might be better) and slightly dip it in the color of polish you want, and carefully spread over the nail.. do a trial and error because it might take a couple of times.

Black nails. - obsessed. If only I could wear my nails like this to work...

Layered Rings & Black Nail Polish

As my good friend @Brittany Gaddy said, now that it's fall [not the weather, but in our hearts], we can wear dark nail polish. (China Glaze Concrete Catwalk)

Mix just a small amount of cornstarch to your polish to make it matte. Apply quickly or else it will start to get clumpy. It may feel like it applies weird and clumpy but as it dries it will smooth itself out. (tip: the more cornstarch the more matte it will turn out!) enjoy!!!

//Reverse french nails | See more at | See more nail designs at

My new black almond nails! Love them #almondnails #black #nails | See more nail designs at

Repinned: Dazzling dark nails!

fall's go-to dark shade: deep indigo/navy with shimmery flecks (& be sure to use a base coat first)

shellac hack – perfected.

Love this

Essence You Belong To Me aqua nails - nail art design with vintage roses, dots, stripes & pink dotted accent nail

The Best Easter Nail Designs

kiss kiss #nails

Nail polish tricks

winter nail design - Bing Images

love this

Matte black nails. Love.

I need to stop biting my nails

Glitter gradient nails tutorial. I definitely need to stop biting my nails again. If I managed it for our wedding, I can do it for this!


i am always losing my dot tool this is a great idea