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Classroom Freebies: Our Free Country

88 Depth and Complexity task cards for social studies and/or history that can be used with any textbook.

economics...this is a great'll find it about 1/2 way down the post.

BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT JIGSAW ACTIVITIES This 15 page branches of government packet specifically covers 4th grade Common Core Standards SL.4.1a , SL.4.1b , SL.4.1d , SL.4.4, SL.4.6 but could easily be made part of a social studies government unit at other grade levels.

Teach about hemispheres, the equator and more with hands-on maps. Really great idea!

▶ The Three Branches of Government - YouTube

It's a Small World - Continent Study!

This landform foldable gives students a great visual of how much taller or shorter landforms compare to each other. On the opposite side of the colored landform the students can write what they know about each landform. My Students loved this activity!!!

Flocabulary - Three Branches of Government, rap video...awesome!

An assessment of mapping skills. Students must use the map of Texas to find important places, such as the capital, The Alamo, the Texas city closes...

This unit of Texas history correlates to the 4th Grade Social Studies TEKS. I have provided a background of the Texas Revolution and the forming of...

I think that its a really neat idea to make a Texas history foldable. One of the main ideas of our unit is people in Texas and this could be something that they could make after researching the settlers of Texas.

Printouts for all 50 states!

A complete Native American Research report. Just give it to the kids and they create a nice project at the end. Classroom tested. $

Texas History - Four Regions Foldable: This foldable is a great representation of the four main regions that students could make in class or within groups. On the inside, students could list the facts or interesting things about each region. This could be a great study tool for students to use when reviewing for a test or quiz over the Texas regions.

The Alamo Powerpoint - Texas History from City Teacher Goes Country on (26 pages)

Regions of Texas Tour

Social Studies Map Texas Regions traced on large colored poster board using doc camera then gave a region to a group of students. Used glue, construction paper, textbook, sand

Regions of Texas Fold-Up from 4thGradeRacers on (10 pages)

Pizza Box Geography Project... can't wait to try this!

Ancient Egypt Classroom: nice projects and displays

FREE Mad Money Online Economics Game~ Students earn and spend money, trying to balance needs and wants, and save enough for the big ticket item at game's end!

FREE Current Events Worksheet for Any Article

Landforms Posters and Fold-Ups $

Great ideas for a fifth grade interactive social studies notebook!