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  • S. B.

    Bus Monitor Karen Klein bullied by vile school children.This unsettling video shows a 68-year-old bus monitor named Karen Klein being verbally bullied by a feral pack of middle schoolers, on their way home from the Athena Middle School in Greece, New York.

  • Mary Wini

    YouTube -Explore the influence of YouTube. Bus Monitor Karen Klein is Bullied By School Children. Original tape NO LONGER on YouTube - This video "went viral". Millions watched it. A fund was set up and collected over $700,000 for Karen, the bus driver.

  • Inside The Workplace

    Do you remember Karen Klein the school bus monitor that was abused and bullied to tears by a group of middle school kids? This is the combination of bullying at school and at work. When will the world get it together and show the children that these types of behaviors cannot continue. It is the most shameful act on the earth and it won't ever get the publicity or news coverage it deserves. Keep getting the word out to your legislators to stop workplace bullying now!

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Wow! I just want be there for him and protect him!! If I ever catch my kids treating another person the way this boy has been treated....well maybe thats the problem...most parents don't seem to care anymore!!

Science: It's a Girl Thing! Girls want role models that look like them...only one damn (stereo)type of girl is in this video.

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Anti-Bullying video (Pink's "Perfect" covered by AHMIR)....this would be great for middle/high school

The Meanest Girl In Second Grade... The Meanest Girl In Second Grade is a story for children about Bullying. This is one of several child safety videos brought to you by The McKay Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on the safety and well being of children. Story written by Paulette Everett, managed by Invectra Studios, and animated by Epic Software with music from LePierre Studios.

GREAT video for students about the power of a bystander being an "upstander." get clip & the kids really do get it. 2 minutes.

NBC Dateline - My Kid Would Never Bully 2/6- bystander effect- for 5th grade girls?

Simple, short video clip recognizing a form of bullying for young students

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Here's an interview that bus monitor. Bullied bus monitor receives $203 Grand in online donations in less than a week - Karen Klein

After several requests, I re-edited this for use in school assemblies. This is best viewed in widescreen mode. The text is slowed down a bit so it's easier to follow. If you enjoy, feel free to Pin, Like, Tweet, Retweet, Reddit, Digg, +1. Tumbl, StumbleUpon, Tag or share with someone who needs to see it! xoxo