Coolest Wedding APP! Eliminates the need for disposable cameras at weddings! Fully customized to you and your event details. Guest-to-Guest Photo Sharing - photos captured by your guests are instantly shared with all other guests in real time! It's like everyone's using the same camera at the same time! Also features a live big screen slide show as photos are being taken by your guests in real-time.

We're using WedPics - The #1 Photo Sharing App for Weddings (FREE)!

A free & private way for #wedding guests to share #photos of the big day with the happy couple. No need for disposable cameras or #instagram!

The Married App - iPhone & Android wedding photo app captures every pic taken at your wedding. Everyone's pictures are automatically shared in real time through the customized Married app and can even be shown on a projector or TV in real time! Candid guests photos, more memories, more fun!

42 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Want....some of these were pretty cute!

DIY - Four easy ways to ask your guests to #hashtag their Instagrams of your wedding! Free Downloads!

How fun! And it comes with a template to make your own!

Iphone wedding app. Guest all download this app & every pic they Take at the wedding is added to an album =) that you and everyone can see!!!

keep kids busy - Disposable camera scavenger hunt Photo: Wedding Ring // Featured: The Knot Blog

Printable Guest List Organizer - Holiday or Occasion - Party Event Planning Guest RSVP Tracking Sheet - PDF Instant Download

You can capture all of the photos your guests take at the wedding!

could be funny to read during the honeymoon...and gives guest something to do

Amazing article on timing your wedding - everything from makeup, to getting dressed, limo arrival, photography slots, receiving lines, etc.

Soulmates- they're these protective caps to save your heels when you're going to be in grass or rough terrain- they come in several colors and are totally worth it. Great for outdoor weddings & to give out to guests & bridesmaids! #shoes #heels

this is a cute idea! Info for the couple, and entertainment for the guests!

Fun activity for guests to do while waiting for the bride and groom! Oh what answers there would be!

Gone are the days of disposable cameras on every table: Have your guests download this app at your wedding and take photos with their smartphone and it instantly puts them in your online album! So cool! Could use for other get togethers as well, i.e. family reunions, Christmas, etc.

Instragram hashtag for wedding photos - Colourful Rustic Farm Wedding: Hannah Kristie

Thank-You Photo, to send to your guests

This website puts your words, favorite song lyrics, vows, ect into a picture. Neat it would be cool to do this wit our first dance song and a wedding photo

Throw sprinkles instead of rice! They say pics turn out gorgeous!