America: why don't we make cute foods like this, why?? everyone would eat veggies if they were all cutified :)

One day I will make a panda bento lunch and then be unable to eat it because I'll be squeeing over it too much.


Love the little snowflake tucked into this adorable polar bear bento lunch.

88 Awesome Angry Birds Merchandise You Should Not Miss - Quertime

Funny pictures about Angry Birds Bento. Oh, and cool pics about Angry Birds Bento. Also, Angry Birds Bento photos.


Cute Bento Boxes Bento boxes can be made to be very cute! Bento boxes, and kyaraben - character bentos - are Japanese meals in what can also be kawaii containers, that kids usually take with them.

Hello kitty sandwich bento

Hello kitty sandwich character bento (using white bread, nori, corn, and salami)