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  • Buy Hand - Laguna Beach

    #lovaboat, wow childhood memories.

  • Trish H

    The Love Boat - an American television series set on a cruise ship, which aired on the ABC Television Network from September 24, 1977, until May 24, 1986. The show starred Gavin MacLeod as the ship's captain. It was part of ABC's popular Saturday night lineup that included Fantasy Island until the latter show ended in 1984.

  • Kimmie Pitcock

    Use to watch this when I would babysit. Kids would go to bed, and it was Love Boat and Fantasy Island.

  • Heather Long-Torgersen

    The Love Boat, watched this every Friday night with my cousin!!!

  • Amanda Stewart

    The 70s or 80s

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Many great memories staying at my grandparents house and watching this with them & my grandpa would bring ice cream with chocolate sauce in late at night. :-)

Saturday night = Fantasy Island "The Love Boat", came on first. Gopher, Julie, Captain Stubing. I can't remember any body elses names

The Love Boat! Friday nights at 283 Cushman Ave was a ritual of Chinese take away, Love Boat and then Fantasy Island. I never could stay awake for Fantasy Island though.

Cone Heads / Dan Aykroyd & Jane Curtin. Two of the people that made Saturday Night Live worth watching in the 70's

The Love Boat... Exciting and New! What a waist of time this show was, but we kept coming back, week after week after week. I even tried very hard to be attracted to the daughter of captain Stubbing, I just couldn't make it happen. The one good thing about this show is, that it got the thought of ever going on a cruise out of my system.

Growing up this was the show I wanted to be on (pre Vicki). The Love Boat. - I was on the cusp of being old enough to go out, but not old enough yet and I so remember watching and loving this show.... this show made me want to take a cruise.... good times

Love, exciting and new, Come aboard. We're expecting you. Love, life's sweetest reward. Let it flow, it floats back to you. I so envied the little girl who got to hang with her daddy and live on a cruise ship! I wanted to be her!

We watched The Love Boat every Friday night before Fantasy Island

Saturday Night Fever...loved this movie!! I remember the night Michelle Beauchamp and I drove to HarMar to see it!