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How to Frost Cupcakes from @glorioustreats via @tomkatstudio

How to frost like a pro ~ Video Tutorial... great for holiday baking!

Frosting Cupcake tips

Excellent post on any and all piping - buttercream, royal icing, glaze

Lavender Cupcakes with Honey Frosting recipe [theyre PUUUURRRRRPPPPPLLLLLLEEEE!) #dayrecipes #Top_Cupcakes #Cupcakes_recipes_Ideas #smart_Cupcakes #cute_Cupcakes #easy Cupcakes_recipes

Make these spring cupcakes using decorating tip 104

How to make Glitterbomb Cupcakes .... What?! Awesome!


Best Buttercream Frosting Recipe -- quite possibly the best buttercream frosting recipe ever, a must try!

four cupcake decorating techniques using a large french star tip #cucpakes #cupcakedecorating #pipingtutorial

cupcake bling!

If I could have my way, every cupcake at this baby shower would be different. I love these white chocolate ganash topped cupcakes with the wrappers and the light pink frosting. Great minimal display. Butterflies are adorable.

how to: pipe a flower cupcake

How to make Rose cupcakes

Different Wilton tips for different rose cupcakes

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