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Love, Love Love the pink dreadlocks


Someday I will figure out fake dreadlock style that won't destroy your hair


Love her hair!

Pretty dreds. wonder how hard it is to DRAW dreads....

wonder how hard it is to DRAW dreads.

best dreads!!!!!

sweet and sexy dreads

Murderotic/Angelica.. This is a really old photo, but I'm too inspired by her dreads here not to include it !

Color inspiration for imp and petal dreads

Merry's Synthetic Dreads: My fav dreads

Merry's Synthetic Dreads: really liking these colors

Love the facial expressions and dreads but especially the contacts!:3

Triplesix and her dreads are awesome

she is pretty

I actually want to half dread my hair like this soo badly

Beautiful Girl

Can't decide whether I like her platinum dreads or not. I think it tends to emphasize the uneven color in most silver hair.

Il colore e' poesia dell'anima

Blood No mind to my sister, please, she& a little dramatic. / I blinked at her brilliant pink hair and a smile turned the corners of her ruby red lips

Pink dreads! #dreads http://data.whicdn.com/images/16642005/tumblr_l5m2fkrfD71qagngyo1_500_large.jpg

hot alternative girl with pastel dreads

Twisted hair & deep red lips @ Gucci

Get The Look: Gucci A/W 2012 Make-up & Hair Pre-raphaelite was the buzz word for Gucci’s Autumn show this year and the result was a mixture of romance and classic French femininity thanks to a slick.

half dreads half normal hair

Half Dreads Half Hair Few cms of undreaded hair, Mehr