lovely hair

seapunk Lunara Long Ombre hair Extensions. Festivals. Boho style. Burning Man.

Pretty Pink and Purple Hair hair pink hair hairstyles colored hair hair colors hair ideas hair trends

Age means nothing to these beautiful, elegant and stylish women from around the world!  Good women do age like wine!

older women rocking awesome hair (and proving that 'cool' has no age limit) Fashion has no age limit .time flys by but the pink in us never dies vixen lace .

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Burgundy love

Not really cyberpunk or harajuku but I love her wine-coloured/crimson/red dreads with beads. Long and lovely!

Starry Night y tinte igual

Esta estilista recrea grandes obras de arte en el cabello de sus clientas ¡Lucen increíbles!

Hairstylist Ursula Goff Turns Hair Into Classic Art. Every once in a while, Ursula posts pictures of hair dyed to reflect famous paintings, such as The Scream or Starry Night.

accesorios cabello

Cositas que una verdadera hada seguro tendría entre sus curiosidades