Semi-dreads Look

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I'm gonna be BOLD and do up a few dreads in my hair

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"Have you got colour in your cheeks?..."

For my first idea I looked at putting texture into the dreadlocks, with different materials, it would take more time to do but it would add something to the hair that won't make it look boring.

Tania Raymonde

My hair are in this way, half dreads and half soft curls. Maybe one day I will have only dreadlocks on my head but for now it is impossible, I am a secretary, fuck!

Single 14" Dread Any Color Combo Natural or Crazy Custom Colors Accent Medium Dread Extension Hand Crocheted Knotty Synthetic Kanekalon. 4 dollars, via Etsy.

alternative, beautiful, dreadlocks, dreads, girl: wish I had hair like this!