blue haired girl

I like this FIERCE beautifully emerald green hair color by Aura, she reminds me of a mermaid.

pastel lavender

I want periwinkle hair so bad! Because I live the blue and purple hair colors this is perfect!


I know that the last time I did this I stained my hair and completely fried it.but I MISS my turquoise hair.

Chica usando el cabello hasta los hombros en un tono rosa-dorado

El cabello rosa-dorado es la tendencia más hermosa que ha llegado a Instagram

rose gold hair - looks a lot like mine 💕

#nastygal and #minkpink Mermaid hair

long wavy blue hair it's so weird but beautiful.

maquillaje hermoso

Combinaciones que jamás te has atrevido a hacer con tu maquillaje

Beautiful hair color teal blue love the makeup & purple lips

Pinterest: ashliwankhanobi ❀

soft mix of cool tone and warm tone makeup is stunning with the blue hair


Dye your hair simple & easy to mermaid blue hair color - temporarily use mermaid blue hair dye to achieve brilliant results! DIY your hair mermaid blue with hair chalk

♡# (hair)dreams of teenage consumption

Best Turquoise Ombre Hair Dye

Beautiful hair and makeup!

purple hair

Purple hair dye, vivid purple, pastel purple royal purple, lavender, lilac and all things purple hair.

black teal ombre hair - Buscar con Google

I always try to recreate beachy waves.unfortunately my hair never quite turns out like this - it ends up more of a sexy bed head minus the sexy, photography, portrait, woman, black and white

This color with bleached hair?

Okay, I have one thing to say. Live life on the edge. Do you want to dye your hair teal? The only thing that's stopping you is most likely fear of judgement.

Faux mohawks for formal hairstyles!

Faux mohawks for formal hairstyles!

Blue-green hair and yellow eyebrow dots ONLY. A modern interpretation of bindis. Faux hawk inspiration via Offbeat Bride.

Enjoying every second of having the blue's and wishing for this bold blue hair.

goal haircolor at the moment

Hair, Whoville Hair, California Hair

Dumb picture but I like her Neon orange hair