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Johnny Depp :D. HD Wallpaper and background photos of Johnny Depp for fans of Johnny Depp images.

aquaskye: Stylish Men who Rock Jewelry - Johnny Depp - Kanye West - Karl Lagerfeld - Men's Style

What was that you said!? I wasn't paying attention. I was lost somewhere between the depp(ths) of Johhny's eyes

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~ Why is it women are attracted to the bad guys? JD is sooo handsome and so entertaining.a talented actor. But, he hates America! Just think of all the advantages and fame and fortune America has given him.

Johnny Depp's got a gun. Taken on the set of "Sleepy Hollow"

Funny pictures about Johnny Depp on Sleepy Hollow set. Oh, and cool pics about Johnny Depp on Sleepy Hollow set. Also, Johnny Depp on Sleepy Hollow set.

Johnny Depp. ☚ #celebrities

What red-blooded, living, breathing female wouldn't be jealous of that damn window? Are you kidding me? He's welcome to my Secret Window any time! Too funny!

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Real magic : Awesome Quote from Johnny depp. I'm not ten, but I love captain Jack sparrow too.

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Pic of Johnny Depp. This pic a of johnny in the movie Cry-Baby. He's sooooooo HOT!