Clothespins and paint sticks- like it better than sentence strips for durability. Could be used to practice word wall words or spelling words.


word clips - practice spelling?

Alphabet sorting game. Letter recognition

letter matching

magnetic letter spelling game

Alphabet Match up

Tons of crafts for each letter of the alphabet.

Glue on letters from magazines

Just use a clothespin to hang the words on the ribbon!

ABC center

Clothespin with student's name - they clip it on a basket when they take a book from the basket, then they can remember where they got it | Teaching Is a Work of Heart

10 fun ways of helping kids learn the abc's #weteach #alphabet

paint in a bag-good for drawing and practicing letters

Textured sticks..

Take this one further---spot/see it (in text), build it, write it, use it (create a sentence or picture), say it (say the sentence or say the word when talking about the picture)

Paper towel tube & paint stirrer stick word family activity. Another version of Kari's idea.

I saw one of our kindergarten teachers playing this game, and had to find a way to use it in my class. They LOVE it! We used it to review our spelling words. I choose one King or Queen at a time to come sit in the royal throne. They put on a crown with a little pocket in the front. I put one word in the pocket, so they can't see it. The class spelled the word, and the King/Queen had to guess what the word was. In Kindergarten they did it with sounds. The class said the sounds in a word, and ...

Story sticks...LOVE this idea!

ABC center ideas

Need to do this during Phonemic Awareness! **Vowel Game** •Each child has a laminated strip of vowels and a clothespin. •I say a CVC word like "cat." •The children listen and then put their clothespin on the vowel they hear in the CVC word. What is so great about this game is that you can have the children hold up their strips and you can quickly check and see who is "getting it." And best of all, it is fun!-cute!