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The non-traditional color palette is great. Takes some balls to wear purple pants. I intend to do so.

Via pleasingaesthetics.tumblr

A classic mens style with a modern, roughed up texture. Use a clay or other matte product (usually found in the puck style containers) to add this type of texture without looking over done.


Adam Gallagher - Teal is a really cool suit color, even cooler when you match it with a midnight blue velvet bow tie. We dare you.


interesting combination of fabrics, color and shapes. but please use a dress shirt with a tie. or loose the tie.

The epitome of my personal style. I tend to pair cardigans with slacks, shirt and tie... The key is to match the shirt, tie, and slacks with plain colors as if the cardigan didn't exist. Then color splash the whole ordeal with a bright cardigan. The hat just puts it over the top for a clean and dapper look. Works every time. - RT

Green is the lover and I am the lover.for green is the color of growing things and my love only grows. I sit with my love on grass of green and watch buds emerge into glossy, green leaves.

Bow-tie Partnerlook #7

Well-Groomed Advice: Father & Son Matching Outfits ~ We would never dismiss matching outfits - especially for father and son! It is totally acceptable, just not too matchy-matchy. Here are 3 ways father and son can go together in style!

Love this great casual look!

Live this ❤️ casual groom attire. vest and jeans. I like the idea of a groom being casual