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    • Joy Mills

      Tiger Electronics Games - Totally Awesome 90s Tech Toys

    • Courtney Fults

      You might be a 90s kid if the other kids were jealous because you had one of these bad boys. Haha!

    • Alyce Hill

      Nickelodeon Alarm Clock! Most annoying alarm in the universe. DING DONG!!! Ni ni ni ni ni ni ni ni NICKELODEON!!!

    • Briana Hunsinger

      My sister had this alarm clock. I was always jealous.

    • Jesse Kratina

      90s toys | 20 Nickelodeon Timeblaster Alarm Clock

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    REMEMBER THIS? haha I'm Alex Mack. I was just an average kid until an accident changed my life. And since then, nothing's been the same. My best friend Ray thinks it's cool. My sister Annie thinks I'm a science project. I can't let anyone else know--not even my parents. I know the chemical plant wants to find me and turn me into some experiment. But you know something? I guess I'm not so average anymore.

    Weinerville---Nickelodeon Weinerville is an American television program on Nickelodeon that was produced in 1993 and 1994, aired in re-runs until 1997. The show was based around a giant puppet stage which was designed to look like a city, called Weinerville

    Old school Nickelodeon - All That, Kenan & Kel, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, Rocko's Modern Life, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Clarissa Explains It All, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Doug

    Magic Slate. Man, we thought those were magical! That was an awesome toy way back then. We had many of them. Cool memory:)

    ADORE this! I need it for school - but I'm not sure everyone else would find it as amusing. haha

    Oh my gosh. This clock! We each had our own in like second or third grade and we have races to see who could get the correct time the fastest. My teacher would be dissappointed to know that I have difficultly reading clocks just takes too long!

    Why can't ish be the way we do things? ( my homework is done-ish, I sorta ate dinner, I might've talked to them)

    Nickelodeon Slime Microphone Happy Meal Toy (1992) - NO WAY! I still have this,and my little cousins play with it all the time! so fun :)

    You Can't Do That on Television. I watched this religiously as a kid!

    awesome, but prob really hard to change the sheets...