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This would make an awesome picture to frame :)

pixel art: La Jeune Fille à la perle ou La Jeune Fille au turban (Meisje met de parel) est un tableau de Johannes Vermeer peint vers 1665, exposé au Mauritshuis de La Haye (huile sur toile, 45 × 40 cm). On l'appelle aussi la « Joconde du Nord ».(wiki)

Pixel art uses simple colours which means there is less need for detail in game artwork. When video games first came out, they were in the form of pixel art. The characters in this piece of art are showcased simply which use basic colours and shading. This piece is slightly dramatic however because brighter colours are used, it does not seem as intense as others.

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GameBackupSystem is a complete solution that includes special #software and tutorials to making perfect copies & backups of your games. You can use GBS to make a 1:1 copy of virtually any game, on all of the most popular consoles, including the Xbox360, #Nintendo Wii, PS3 and even video DVDs and PC games

Amazing Painting, wish I knew what style it is. Mario

The very cherished home computer. I could write a long novel on the subject and goings-on of a kid growing up with dial-up internet, early-internet QuickTime memes and the lot. I first got access to a computer in 98'. It was an older model from my dad's work when they were getting rid of them. Shortly following the huge gift that it was, we got dial-up AOL internet installed. You actually needed a CD-R to get the internet up and running back then.

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one of the sexiest things you can wear around a gamer.

Bin ich froh, dass ich noch zu der Generation gehöre, die mit Konsolen wie dem Super Nintendo oder hier einem Gameboy Color aufgewachsen ist ♥ Snobtop