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    Beautiful Sea Horse

    "sea toad" angelfish; a deep sea dweller

    To see a Seahorse in the wild ! in the ocean rather than an aquarium .

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    In the sea

    Harboring an effective camouflage with its host gorgonian coral, the pygmy sea horse species was not discovered until it was found in an aquarium. Amazing creatures in our world!

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    sea horses

    A gathering of pregnant men

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    Jay Strongwater Elliott Seahorse Box

    MALE SEAHORSE giving birth. Hippocampus sp. ©Lazaro Ruda. In sea horses, the male become pregnant. The female inserts her oviduct into the male’s brooding pouch to mate. The males are pregnant for several weeks before giving birth to their brood. The birthing male undergoes muscular contortions - a forward and a backward bend - that last for about ten minutes, then in an explosive action the brood leaves the pouch. Males are ready to re-mate within a few hours of giving birth.