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Fun Fishbowls

When I tell people I don’t really like cats or dogs they tend to react as though I’ve just said my favorite meal is barbecued baby with a side of roasted bunny. I’m just not a pet person, but if I were going to get a pet, it would probably be a fish. They’re low maintenance, pretty to look at (so ma...

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Goldfish bowl por Psalt Design.

I like animals and I like bookends. But I love animal bookends!

Looks like it's goint to fall off the edge! Gotchya!

planter w/ beta it media-cache8.pint... saucywench great ideas

fish use cardboard/tagboard... native American project for 5 th and above

Fish Bowl from ZGallerie. I think the kids would like to reach in and grab some goldfish crackers.

I want this for Felix's room!... Well I did want this for Felix's room. Couldn't bring myself to pay 39.99 on Etsy, so I made it for under 5.00 :)