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  • Lana Royer

    Yes! Rednecks don't pay any attention to the rules!

  • Jodi Gramlich

    "Hey y'all! Watch this!" #south #southern #funny #humor #sign #country #redneck

  • Kristen Harris

    Dude! Challenge accepted. Hold my beer and watch this!

  • Carole La Micela

    funny signs on beaches | Hey Ya’ll Watch This! | The Daily Blender

  • Samantha Sivils

    Living with my redneck husband, that should be our house rule #1!!!

  • SiouxEQ

    tube rental rule (only in Texas) rules: you are NOT allow to do ANYTHING that begins with the words... "hey y'll watch this!"

  • Jenae Nicole

    Funny stuff!

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I love these ideas of how to motivate parents to watch their kids

And in the midwest, it means getting pulled behind a speedboat on a tube at breakneck speeds.

As a southern lady...yes y'all this is true. As a lady in general...yes I can confirm to everyone that this is indeed true. Now which one was more charming? :)

brotherblaccspider: I am from Texas so I am familiar with most of this I’m not from the south but both sides of my family are and I’m really familiar with a lot of this. Whenever we’d go visit family back ‘at home’ I’d hear “that city boy better not get too big fer his britches.” I love the people and the culture,

Finally a guide to the proper use of y'all! Great for a northerner who always gets looks from southerners when I try to use the dialect... It will always be pop... Saying soda makes me giggle

Do you admire my Southern drawl? We speak like this because it's too hot to talk any faster! Texas?

After I first saw this pin, I started to take note of how I say it. 1=you, 2=y'all (I skip plural you) and 3+=all y'all. I LOVE Texas colloquialisms.

I'm new(er) to the south, but say a lot of these things. Persnickety might be my favorite.

I don't have to be hateful, I can just say 'Bless your heart.' This is how we do it in the south

I'm not from the south, but even I do this. I have been known to say "All y'all" to my class on occasion. Maybe it's from the 4 years I lived in Kentucky?

The South- perfect explanation....but "ain't" is in my vocabulary.

this makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.