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This person claims that he does not need moral law governess his conscience is good enough. His conscience failed to inform him that defacing another's property is wrong. Thus disproving that conscience alone isn't enough to be good.

The future will only contain what we put into it now. (May 1968)

Back in who knew that the republicans would become the greedy, thieving bunch of bigots that they are today.


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Infertility. Crying is okay here. It's okay to not be okay. It's perfect to not be perfect.

crying is ok here: it's okay to be not okay . it's perfect to be not perfect. its okay not to be okay. its okay not to be okay. its okay.

oh, I do.

nearly every elder in these books are shady

This seems so true in today's day & age. Simplicity truly begins with the ending in mind.

Television tv Turn it off. Read a book. We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge. December 2013 Movie Grudge Match, Sylvester Razor has no TV,

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"because, honey, you are worth ten times more than all of their souls combined.

Art. #atpatelier #atpatelierweekends #art #grafitti #weekend

Art. #atpatelier #atpatelierweekends #art #grafitti #weekend

The State only purpose is to serve those on top and enslaved everyone else

Unfortunately, society is not a level playing field. For all that these children, to them society has been built this way, they never knew a free world like we know today.


yup my fave word, fuck fuck fuckkkk

De la censure à...la liberté d'expression !

De la censure à...la liberté d'expression !

in the healing process

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Religion is Anti-Me

But this should say I'm anti-Neo-Christian, not "religion". I don't personally consider myself religious but I am spiritual.