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    we are NOT Gingers. We are REDHEADS. Whoever made this is poorly informed. BUT it has some interesting points about true *redheads.* I think it's funny though. I am a true-born redheads, and I have no allergies, have never been stung by a bee, definitely have a soul, and I'm a wimp when it comes to pain (but who knows-- maybe I'd be more of a wimp when it comes to pain if I wore born with another hair color!).

    Canada Dry Ginger Ale ad, 1930s Numb-nuts here must have been the son of some Canada Dry exec to have landed this gig. Later in life he changed his name to Giggles, became president of the Charles Nelson Reilly fan club and was arrested a few years back for selling poorly-made black-market adult diapers out of the trunk of his '73 Vega in Sun City, Arizona. He currently resides in a flop house for out-of-work former child advertising models outside El Segundo. Poor Giggles...

    When redheads get angry… Jamie Christy

    Hey! I made this myself years ago and posted it on Photobucket! lol Too cool to find it again all these years later!

    RED hair is DEFO a warning..Danger ahead but oh so worth it. :)

    I just found this out!! My son told me!!!! thanks Tyler (actually he said I was borderline!!)

    Always check before drinking // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

    Don't know when being a Ginger became so bad, but this is freakin' hilarious anyway! I LOVE being a Ginger, and I think everyone else is just jealous:)