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  • Christine Mabuni

    Accountable Talk Anchor Chart - Higher Order questioning for students to ask each other

  • Ali Blackledge

    Higher Order questioning for students to ask. So important to teach these skills, how to form an opinion with reason, and how to agree/disagree. Great for lit circles in 7/8/9!

  • Mickey Graham

    Here's a nice anchor chart on accountable talk stems. Most of these will be helpful in guiding math talk.

  • Bekki Lindow

    Higher Order questioning for students to ask each other- group work guidance.

  • Sabrina Justison

    Higher Order questioning for students to ask each other. Great guidelines for class or book club discussion.

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Responding to non-fiction--maybe a good strategy for analyzing scientific papers?

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Accountable Talk Posters | Accountable Talk Anchor Chart & Reciprocal Cards

I was looking for good "starters" to ignite discussion in my classroom. Am thinking about creating these and then laminating them and taping them on each student's desk.

Paula's note-add "idea," people forget that important part! Examples: a goal, a plan, a hypothesis, etc. A way to remember it is that these are things you can't touch but can be the "subject" of a sentence. "My plan is to educate everyone about nouns." "My goal is to be a great teacher." You can't touch the "plan" or the "goal,” but they are still nouns.

Purposeful Talk-Good for students to 'listen with intent' instead of just going through the motions. (Life in 4B)

Great idea for accountable talk between students

ahhhh hang up the higher order questions then you won't forget to ask the right questions the one day you are scored :)

Read to Someone - Accountable Talk - Sharing favorite books one day a week with a partner?

This would be great for secondary classrooms especially with struggling students. This would teach them about how to give constructive criticism to each other but it would take up a lot of room on the wall just to say something they should already know

Accountable Talk with Legos.....the topic challenging for my students but love the idea. Would modify to meet the needs of my students