The Mayde's in the Crash Passes are a dangerous folk. A hungry folk. Beware the Shark Mayde's.

♒ mermaids among us ♒ art photography & paintings of sea sirens & water maidens -sarah lee

Want to read some of my lucid dreams? Enter "Index of Dreams" in my Blog:<<<OHMGOODNESS its Percy :)

Control your inner oceans with the power of lucidity I am possibly addicted to lucid dreaming.

Do you ever take life serious or is everything a big joke.

Interview - Les auto-portraits amusants de Annija Veldre

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love the feel - the playfulness - could see 'swinging on a cloud' somehow in the logo.

Jack Bernal Photography

'Memory' , made by: Vahid Babaei (Cloud on a string)

girl on the swing *** #DoubleExposure, @TaniaAmrein

I am all my experiences. The fun and curious child, the waters that flow free, the sky that watches carefully over all and the peace that I finally found at last. Ivet Putnam (c)

sea life by Moshi Moshi

Who doesn't love an explorer? If your suit is this old, might be time to visit our store! Vintage style photo - scuba diver kissing girl in bikini

love this stuff

Argentine collage artist Mariano Peccinetti, aka Trasvorder, opens the portal to another dimension by connecting the infinite of the cosmos to human life.