Rustoleum spray paint in Brass gives this finish. Use random finds from thrift stores or buy plastic animals and use for accents on bookshelves. Also in this blog post, glue to something heavy to create bookends.

DIY "Brass" Figurines

You could use any plastic animal and spray paint it. Krylon makes a fabulous "Glitter Blast" Spray. It is BY FAR the best glitter coverage ever

Sprayed masons and contrasting flowers

gold branches | what a little gold spray paint will do (Wow!)

Or, make some super-easy DIY book ends by spray painting rocks gold.

Old toys with simple white spray paint to create a ceramic-look ....use a matte finish for a different look.

DIY Gold Magnetic Letters

Plastic cup pendant lamps. ( )

Painted plastic animals

Miniature plastic animals

diy painted metallic baskets.

toys glued to wood blocks and spray painted for fun book ends

Get some plastic animals at a thrift shop; saw them in half, paint them with spray paint & super glue a magnet to the back.

spray painted chandeliers

Spray Paint Magnetic Letters

DIY Bookcase

how to spray paint items - now I know the trick to make them so glossy

“Love this idea! Just get a boring door stop, a plastic animal & some gold spray paint! Super cute @maxmakes #mybeautifulmess”

Lace & spray paint

another cute dollar store DIY. plastic spoons + tealight holder + spraypaint = adorable statement bowl