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Birds and Bees of Bluebird Farm, VA  C.Lee

Birds and Bees of Bluebird Farm, VA C.Lee

Taking Flight - Bluebird Farm

Taking Flight - Bluebird Farm

"Bokeh" a Japanese word meaning "blur" is such a beautiful style of photography

Blue daisy photograph: Club Tropicana - bright blue daisies - metallic print - fine art flower print - - cyan and aquamarine

Sheet music paper "mod-podged" onto egg shaped styrofroam - wings and bills glued on - black headed straight pins or beads for eyes, and a flower for a hat.  Bent floral wire for feet.

Floral-tufted Rackybirds (with lots of pics and tutorial!) - CRAFTSTER CRAFT CHALLENGES - Have you ever wondered where all those brightly colored plastic eggs come from? The amazing Floral-tufted Rackybird lays them, of course!

Birds and Bees of Bluebird Farm, VA  C. Lee

Birds and Bees of Bluebird Farm, VA C. Lee

Birds and Bees - Bluebird Farm

Birds and Bees - Bluebird Farm

Ondrej Pakan, de Myjava, Eslováquia, capta impressionantes fotos macro de insetos cobertos de minúsculas gotículas de água.

Fotografias macro capturam o efeito da água da chuva no mundo dos insetos

Insects Covered in Drops of Water: Stunning Macro Photography by Ondrej Pakan. Ondrej Pakan, from Myjava, Slovakia, captures stunning macro photos of bugs


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1513x1026 px widescreen wallpaper dragonfly  by Perkins Nash-Williams for : pocketfullofgrace.com

Amazing Insects Close up Photography Wallpapers - HD Wallpapers , Picture ,Background ,Photos ,Image - Free HQ Wallpaper - HD Wallpaper PC