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    Aquarius people are inventive, accepting, original, sociable, personable and understanding. A real Aqua girl can wear different makeup looks as a fearless way of self expression, and she really doesn’t care what people think. So go for that electric blue eyeliner or hot pink lips, but remember: Just one feature at a time.

  • SummerMoon25🌙

    Black eyeliner, bright pink lip color.

  • Colleen Sontheimer

    Hot Pink Lip ~~ Purple Eyeshadow

  • Melrose Monroe

    Make up: Hot pink lip

  • Fereckels

    Makeup Ideas: Beauty Inspirations: Tips on How to Wear Hot Pink Lipstick

  • Tammie T.

    False eyelashes. What is more tasteful that a set of strip lashes with a hot pink eye #makeup scheme? Note how a simple #eyemakeup can look glamorous with #FalseEyelashes. Bring out the #celebrity in you. Learn how to tell the difference between silk lashes and mink lashes here

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Winged eyeliner and watermelon lips

Awkward close-up. Anyways, it seems like people think I wear some sort of complicated make-up artist makeup everyday since I always get tutorial requests on my everyday makeup. But really, its nothing special about it. Look at it and do what you see o: I usually dont wear lipstick tho.But what most people miss is that a shiny/shimmery white eyeshadow on the browbone does alot to the face.

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This pink hair looks like Rose's hair from Steven Universe. ♥

bright pink ♥and maybe blue or violet or lavender or green etc! Definitely adding to Model Call board for modeling gig for hair and make-up marketing. Service at reduced rate or free. Check out the description of the board this has been added to! Misty Bliven Patrone's Day Spa Brooklyn Michigan

fun makeup | flawless skin & liner with bright fuchsia lipstick

Today's Look : "I know it's just a teardrop from mother earth" -Linda Hallberg (I love the softness of this look, it is the softest of pinks with a very light touch of brown... used the Too Faced Summer eye Palette in shades, Seashell, Plumeria & Cocoa, E.L.F. mineral lipstick in Runway Pink, 05/24/13