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    Drive-In Movie Sound System.....Speakers at the drive for your for the car on the other side of you....what fun it was!!!!

    Sound Box for the Outdoor Movie Theater

    pop pop jiffy pop the magic treat as much fun to make as it is to eat!

    Drive-in Trays

    crank is how we opened car windows. #retro

    gremlin! Hahaha!

    This is what a stereo system looked like when I was a was a piece of FURNITURE.

    Drive-in Movie

    Drive-in movies. Good memories.

    I am a member of the baby boomer generation; the era between 1946-1964 when many children were born. My interest in genealogy, therefore, is focused on learning about family from previous generations, understanding our differences and the reasons why.

    Drive-In Theater Commercial

    8 track!

    Roller Skates ~ I had these ~ Lots of falling down ~ LOL

    Who knows what the inside of the key that pops out to make the hole to put your key ring had on it??? Working at dealership in the 90's taught me that!

    Loved this game!

    Out side of all the grocery stores.

    "Miss Suzie had a steamboat The steamboat had a bell The steamboat went to Heaven Miss Suzie went to... Hello operator Please give me number 9..."

    Wooden playpen with spinner toys on the side

    car radios...

    Formica tables & vinyl chairs. FUN!

    So much fun especially in the spring