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string of hearts, or rosary vine - use to have one but can't find it here any more

hanging pot with string of pearls by LeahPellegrini, via Flickr succulent

String of Pearls #Senecio #Herrianus, or is it senecio #rowleyanus. Who can tell me?

string of pearls/watering cool it would be to have old watering cans all over landscaped areas of your yard.

Senecio haworthii. "Cocoon Plant" or "Wooly Senecio". Native to South Africa. Flowers are yellowish-orange. Less water during winter months. Protect from frost. Bright light, hardy to 36° F.

'String of Pearls' by goinghometoroost: Senecio rowleyanus, a favorite succulent is called string of pearls because of its attractive cascading strings of spherical leaves. It does well indoors and is low maintenance. #Succulent #String_of_Pearls #goinghometoroost

Culture Wick: String Gardens

Senecio haworthii World of Succulents. I want this succulent, I live in Las Vegas I'm sure it would live well in this climate, yes?